Basementality 2 Credits and Thank yall’s

Posted on January 24th, 2014
Basementality 2

I would like to thank all the P.I.M.P.S (playa’s into makin possibility) responsible for contributing to my new ep.
Now dayz we dont have a chance to know all the people who are involved in making a record come to fruition.From Vinyl to 8 tracks to cassette to reel to reel etc.
Now that we are in the age of digital and credits are far and few, I would like to show my appreciation to all involved.
With love from the bottom of my heart
Thanks to Tinku Bhattacharyya Mngt, Andrew Jervis of Bandcamp,The Digitarian’s,Artwork by Aaron Miller and all the bloggers, musicians, producers, engineer’s fan’s and friends who support me.

(Always) written by Amp Fiddler and Paul Hill produced by Amp Fiddler and Paul Hill vocal production arrangement
Bubz Fiddler Bass
Amp Vocals and Kazoo
Paul Hill Vocals
Ladell Abrams Drums
Chris Bruce Guitar
Mixed My Mike Chavarria
(Yeah) written by Amp Fiddler and Kenny Dickerson produced by Amp Fiddler and Kenny Flav of FlavHouse
kenny Flave Keyboards & programming
Amp Vocals
Ladell Abrams Drums
Kenny Mac Bass guitar
Dames Brown Bg Vocals
Horns Will Sessions
Mixed By Mike Chavarria
(Take It) written by Amp Fiddler and Raphael Sadiq
Amp and Ray lead vocals
Raphael Sadiq Bass,Guitar and Programming
Background by Detroit’s own Charity
Mixed at Blakeslee Recording studio
(Hold On) Remix by Daniel Crawford
(Hold On) Written by Amp Fiddler and Kenny Dickerson produced by Amp Fiddler and Kenny Flav of FlavHouze
Kenny Flave Programming along with Amp
Amp Vocals
Kenny Mac Bass Guitar
Extended Mix by Carl Robinson
(It Takes More Than) written by Amp Fiddler and Kariga Ani
Kariga Ani keyboards and programming
Amp Fiddler Rhodes
Bubz Fiddler Bass
Ladell Abrams Drums
Amp Vocals
Vocals Mixed by Pete Novak Track mixed by Steve King at Studio 54 thanks to Joel Martin

Ep Mastered by Chris Athen

ps: if i forgot anybody i promise i will fix dat shit with apology quickly if you hollar!..;o)

4 thoughts on “Basementality 2 Credits and Thank yall’s

  1. hi amp love the new ep hold on and take it stands out for me looking forward to a full 1to 14 track cd in near future
    youre music is superb and youre up their with eric robinson and zo and phonte and it just shows independen t soul music is still out there in 2014 due to great artists like yourself

    • Hi Anthony! I love the new ep! “More Than” touches my heart and soul, but I’ll “Take It” all….Nice you are truly a beautiful artist.

  2. You’re a good man, Amp. Old world class and respect and stacks of skills to boot. Now hurry up and get your behind back to Australia for another show, ok? Been too long between hellos.

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